Private House Sale

Taking the Hassle Out of Selling Your Property

In today’s market a private house sale can be hard to achieve as chains get longer and the wait for mortgage approval increases. So what options exist to make your move from one property to the next a smooth and quick process?

Cash Sales

A cash sale could be the answer for your private house sale because it offers the fastest way of selling, but there aren’t too many cash buyers in today’s market. However if you use a service like Sure Offer, you can provide you with a cash offer for your private house sale and avoid the estate agent house

Private House Sale

This could be a good option if the sale of your house is the only thing stopping you from moving aboard or retiring from work. It could also be an option if you have been let down by potential buyers who have been unable to secure themselves a mortgage or if negotiations with the buyer have failed.

Other Benefits

There is normally no need for viewings when you deal with a property investment company like Sure Offer. The sale time varies, but it should be somewhere between 7 and 28 days, so you can be assured of a quick sale. You can also avoid sleepless night and restless days of worry during the negotiation phase of the sale, as the private house sale is normally completed with one offer.

Who Could Benefit?

If your home is in danger of repossession due to mortgage arrears, the private house sale process allows you to release the capital tied up in the property without having to accept a rock bottom price. If you have inherited a property after bereavement, this service could be used to minimise the pain and heartache of selling a loved one’s home after they have departed. In the case of divorce or separation, a private house sale with a cash buyer could allow both parties to move on with their lives quickly. Any landlords with properties that can’t be rented and need to be sold to release capital may also find this service of use.

Alternative to Auction

This type of company can also be an alternative to selling at auction. When you sell at auction there are costs to absorb. Some of these costs have to be paid whether the place is sold or not. You have to put yourself at the mercy of the auction and the price settled on the day may not reflect the true value. Before the auction you have to allow all potential buyers access to the property for viewings and after the auction you have to be out within 28 hammer

Free and No Obligation

A free offer with no obligation to sell can be yours very easily. Sure Offer are available online or on the phone, so an offer could be in your hands within a few clicks or after a quick call. There’s really nothing to lose from getting a quote, so why not find out what your property offer is?

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