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House Valuation CalculatorPeople are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their homes in the current financial climate. The UK is still feeling the effects of the 2007 banking crash household budgets are being stretched like never before. Banks are now insisting that customers have higher deposits for the purchase of a home and are making sure borrowers can manage the monthly repayments comfortably. The result of these new banking controls has been a huge drop in demand for homes. People across the country are struggling to sell their property for a price they deem to be fair. However, an online house valuation with a reputable service can deliver an accurate and unbiased valuation on any residential property. In some cases, these online services will make an unconditional offer on a property and manage the whole process to its completion.

Selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences people endure throughout their lives. However, this experience can be far more emotional if the seller is under tremendous pressure to secure a quick sale. Some people need to sell quickly because of divorce, new employment or financial worries; whatever the reason, an online house valuation may be the key to ensuring a property is sold quickly without all of the usual problems and worries that can plague such a process.
The seller must first start the process by filling in a short online form. A number of details will be required including contact information and specific details of the property being sold. The online valuation service will then use this information to value the home and provide an initial market price; many offers are sent to sellers within twenty-four hours of an application. One of the significant advantages involved in online house valuation is that all of the usual up-front costs are paid for by the buyer. Most reputable services will enlist the help of locally-based estate agents and RICS surveyors in order to achieve the most accurate valuation possible. Local searches and all other legal processes will be taken care of by the online valuation service.

The process of a online house valuation is simple, quick and hassle-free. Vendors don’t have to deal with long chains or worry about the sale falling through. Most traditional property sales involve the use of estate agents; however, these services will either charge a large fee for their services or a percentage of the final selling price. Customers who decide to use online house valuation will not have to pay any of these costs and will often be able to access all of the proceeds from the sale within only a few days. Many services will also provide financial assistance towards the costs of the seller’s legal services.
The offers received from some online house valuation services may be slightly less than the current market value. However, this reflects the costs involved during the home purchase, the financial assistance given to the seller and the delivery of a fantastic service. This service often provides a more cost-effective way of selling a property than more traditional methods; none of the usual legal and agents fees apply. Homeowners who need to sell their home quickly should use SureOffer we will give you a free cash offer to buy your house.

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